- “This was my first time attending and I was really impressed. Thank you for this very useful experience.” - Kristof Hegedus, PRIMERA AIR

 “This year's conference was very well organized and have met absolutely my expectation. - Dimitris Papamichail, GOLDAIR HANDLING

“My personal opinion and experience is that GHI is one of the best conferences in the industry. As an exhibitor, there was very good traffic in the exhibition area which was great for us!” - Altay Fellah, INFORM

“So far it is the best conference I have been in my entire career. You did a great job!” - Viktors Slesarenoks, SPIRE FLIGHT SOLUTIONS

“Having attended GHI conference on a fairly regular basis since 2008 I thought this was the best yet. Great venue, very open and light with no shortage of meeting space. This was also an exceptionally well attended event.” - Dave Cauvin, SWISSPORT

“Just the fact that you can meet such a huge number of actual business partners, old friends and new faces at once is a main reason to attend. Adding the interesting topic sessions makes it even better.” - Margit Miller, ALBA STAR

“The most important event of our business." -  Maria Rosaria Pisano, SEA HANDLING

“GHI-team is no.1 for the aviation related conferences.”- Dirk Schmitt, LUXAIR

“Extremely positive - as usual impeccably organised this event is fast becoming a fixed date for all participants the possibility of meeting so many potential clients/customers at one location is very enticing.” - Joe Bugeja, GLOBEGROUND MALTA

“Fantastic Conference, very well organized. Very impressed.” - Richard Reilly, RYANAIR

“Extremely useful. Invaluable to the industry. Tradewinds is ISAGO certified today thanks to the exposure made possible by GHI. Very well organized and coordinated. Well done.” - Henry Lasoi, TRADEWINDS AVIATION SERVICES

“TValuable for us - over 80 formal meetings plus many "side meetings.” - Ernst Ackermann, SWISSPORT

“Very helpful and a "must" for our industry.” -  Jochen Krohan, AVIATIONPOWER

“In one word: great!” - Moshe Magar, AEROHANDLING ISRAEL

“It was very well prepared and organized. One-to-One meetings are, in particular, very well arranged. Meeting arrangements are better than those of IGHC conference.” - Kunihiko Yokoishi, ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS