6th Ground Damage Stakeholders' Conference

The 6th Ground Damage Stakeholders' Conference will take place in Belfast, over May 16-17

A wide spectrum of safety topics and subjects await this year's delegates. Of note will be the presentations from the armed forces on safety: do their techniques and findings echo those of the civilian sector? Alongside this there will be two speakers from high-risk industries who will be providing an insight into their particular experience: without doubt, there will be lessons learned and advice generated.

Within the realm of safety the human element cannot be overlooked and two presentations will deal with this essential factor: making the most of a multi-ethnic workforce will provide some valuable insights into what is today a common situation; whilst risk and fatigue will be analysed by another specialist.

Not overlooked is the workhorse, that of GSE: in this context, papers will address the latest in safety aids and devices, whilst the vital topic of maintenance will also be addressed. The biggest worries for today's Safety Manager will be explained; and there will be a panel debate on the age-old problem of combining the OTP with a safe turnaround procedure.

Finally, the first afternoon will be devoted to the ramp, allowing delegates to view a range of current safety aids on GSE and how they function. This hands-on experience has proved so popular in the past that we make no apology for including it again this year.

As in the past, one of the key attractions of this event is the opportunity for networking in this niche sector. All in all, if your remit is safety, then this is THE conference for you.