2016 Speakers

Conference Chairman
Bob Gurr, VP Commercial, Swissport South Africa

With close to 40 years' experience in the airline industry, Bob has spent the past 20 years working for leading South African ground handling companies. He has a well-rounded perspective of the dynamics of the field of ground handling through being both a buyer and a seller of services over the past 25 years. His current role is that of Commercial Director for Swissport South Africa and he sits on the company EXCO. Bob chairs the Airside Operators Association of South Africa, representing providers of ramp, cargo, catering, security and fuel services to the airline industry. He also served as an Officer on the IGHC for eight years and as Vice Chair of the IATA GHC. In addition, he chairs the African GHI Conference.

Introduction: Transformational leadership & Aviation Ground Operations Management Fundamentals (AGOM)
Brenda Aremo-Anichini, Managing Director, Twiga Aero

Brenda is an International Business Graduate of the American University in Nairobi, Kenya, and holds an IATA diploma in airline quality management. She has more than ten years’ experience in the aviation industry and her experience spans operational areas, from ground operations to corporate quality and safety.
While at Kenya Airways she specialised in aviation auditing and the development of operational standards. Internationally, Brenda has represented Kenya Airways at the IATA Airside Safety Group in setting industry operational standards whilst at the operational level, she has managed cargo handling operations with a team of 15 members.
In 2010 she co-founded her consulting company, Twiga Aero, since which time she has developed courses on behalf of IATA’s Training & Development Institute relating to Safety Management System Implementation, Aircraft Turnaround Co-ordination, Aircraft Loading Supervision and IOSA SMS requirements, as well as Airside Safety and Compliance.

International regulatory framework and the GSPs renewed RO
Gaoussou Konate, Ex-Deputy Regional Director WACAF ICAO

Gaoussou is an aviation professional who graduated as a Mechanical Engineer at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, in France. A citizen of Burkina Faso, he is married and the father of three children; he currently lives in Dakar, where he serves the International Civil Organisation as Deputy Regional Director of the Western and Central Africa Office. During his 35 years in the sector he worked at Air Afrique for just over a decade, where he started out as a project engineer; he subsequently held managerial positions relating to engineering and corporate planning. Gaoussou then spent 11 years with the African Airline Association as AFRAA's Technical Director, where his assignments covered airline operations, engineering, training and technical co-operation among African carriers. He then moved to IATA where he worked for ten years: there, his responsibilities included the enhancement of safety, operations, infrastructure and security in Africa. Most recently, since July 2012, Gaoussou has delivered assistance to African States in connection with the implementation of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices. This has been with a view to increasing their rates of effective implementation of safety oversight to ensure the improvement of safety and efficiency in air navigation, whilst reducing the impact of flight operations on the environment.

Highlights of the Cape Town Convention
Udai P N Fulena, Senior Legal Consultant, Fulena Consulting

Udai is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, London, is the Managing Partner of Fulena Consulting in Geneva, and a consultant to airlines, international organisations, training establishments and a lecturer in air law.
He is a former Senior Legal Counsel and Senior Consultant to IATA, where he has advised senior management and member airlines on air transportation issues, particularly insolvency, litigation, restructuring, EU law, compliance with IATA Clearing House and Settlement Systems regulations, as well as IATA template agreements such as the SGHA. Udai is an attorney of the District of Columbia Bar, USA, and a barrister of the Middle Temple, London, and of the Mauritian Bar.

Improving Ground Ops safety through ISAGO
Jan Bossenbroek, Senior Inspector, Dutch Civil Aviation Authority (NL)

Jan started his career in aviation with Qantas Airways in Amsterdam in 1974, when he joined the freight reservations/freight handling department. After some years he moved over to passenger handling, from where he became involved in station management. He then moved to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines where he trained to be a full flight operations officer, responsible for flight dispatch on European and intercontinental flights. In 1993 Jan was asked to join Ogden Aviation who, as the first GSP in the newly-liberalised marketplace, picked up a share of the local market. Jan was appointed Manager Ramp Handling and later became Manager Safety & Security EMEA. In this function he was a member of Ogden’s European MT and a member of the local Security Ground Handling Committee. In 2000 Jan went over to Dutchport Groundhandling (a company operated by Swissport) and became Manager Product Support. Jan initially bore MT responsibility for special projects, such as automation and training. He was also responsible for the ISO certification of Dutchport (the first GSP to become certified at Schiphol). His operational responsibilities included Lost & Found and ramp handling. Simultaneously, he acted as Station Manager for Crossair. In this capacity he also joined the local AOC board. After the withdrawal of Dutchport from the local market, Jan joined the CAA-NL as a senior inspector, where he remains active until this day. His major responsibilities include account management for the safety oversight of the major Dutch airports. He is also responsible for the safety oversight of GSPs who are active in the Netherlands. Until March 2016 he acted as a Co-Chair of the European Commercial Air Safety Team Working Group - Ground Safety. Under this umbrella he is a co-author of various publications on safety within the ground handling environment. His job description also includes airport security affairs. At the end of 2006 the CAA-NL management requested Jan to join and evaluate the setting up of what finally became the ISAGO certification project. This participation finally led to a covenant with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, whereby all the GSPs at the airport had to become ISAGO certified, a process that was concluded around 2012.

Open forum discussion: Safety culture across the industry
& Aviation Ground Operations Management Fundamentals (AGOM)

Facilitator: Maurizio Anichini, Co-Founder & Chairman, Twiga Aero

Although now at BFS, Maurizio used to be Head of Instructor-Led Learning in the IATA Training & Development Institute. He was also IATA Manager, Airport & Inflight Services, when he developed the ISAGO programme. From this, he initiated the IGOM project and served as a subject matter expert on numerous IATA consulting projects in Risk Management, SMS, the Operational Readiness Review, Tender and Licensing Agreements and Training Needs Analysis.
Maurizio has also been responsible for the Airside Safety Group, the Ramp Services Equipment & Environment work group, theLoad Control and Aircraft Movement work group and the Aviation Ground Services Agreement work group.
Between 2008 and 2010 he was responsible for the IATA Ground Handling Council and its annual conference and was the author of the IATA Airport Handling Manual. In 2010 he co-founded Twiga Aero.
Maurizio began his aviation career in 1981 with Air France at JFK International and Anchorage airports, moving on to easyJet Switzerland, where he was appointed Ground Handling Manager and Ground Operations Deputy Postholder in Geneva. He is also a certified FAA Aircraft Dispatcher.

Navigating infrastructural changes
Maureen Kahonge, Business Development Manager, AFRAA

Maureen is the Deputy Director Business Development at AFRAA, a position she has held since February 2016. Prior to her appointment, she held the position of Business Development Manager.
She is passionate about the aviation industry and has been with the Association for six years. Her scope of work at AFRAA covers the development and management of beneficial working relationships with member airlines and partners, marketing, events, AFRAA publications, statistical data and analysis.
Maureen is also the project co-ordinator for AFRAA Ground Handling Committee, a work group by AFRAA that facilitates beneficial ground handling co-operation among airlines, with the view of adopting and implementing cost-effective common solutions to address some of the handling challenges faced by carriers today.
She is a holder of a degree in Business Administration and French from Kenyatta University and has a Master’s in Business Administration Strategic Management and Finance from the United States International University, Kenya. Of Kenyan nationality, she is fluent in both French and English.

Challenges facing general aviation
Abdul Oricha, Regional Manager, West & Central Africa, UAS International Trip Support

With over 15 years’ aviation experience in business and commercial aviation, Abdul has developed extensive knowledge of the West and Central African region. Based at UAS’ regional office in Lagos, Nigeria, he arranges and coordinates ground and special services for private operations across several countries, engaging with vendors and regulatory authorities. Abdul is currently engaged in expanding and managing the UAS supervisory network across the African Region.

ICAO USAP: What Aerodromes must know
Kevin John Luke, Principal - Lassi, Luke Aviation Security Service International

An adviser with over 30 years’ experience in the aviation industry, Kevin holds internationally recognised qualifications in the discipline of aviation security. After a 20 year distinguished operational Naval career he joined the Australian Department of Civil Aviation in 1982 and held the post of Inspector Operations AVSEC until 1999. His achievements included the development of national policies, programmes, procedures and processes; consulting and developing methodology for the regulatory compliance oversight of stakeholder and foreign aircraft operations, and initiating the effective conduct of overt and covert testing at airport security screening checkpoints to assess overall performance, system capabilities and training needs. He also conducted “Last Ports of Call” assessments of Australian National aircraft operations overseas.
In 1999, Kevin established Luke Aviation Security Service International and worked closely with national airport and aircraft operators. He also worked with Thailand’s Immigration, Control & Enforcement Team at Don Muang International Airport. ICAO contracted Kevin in 2002 to lead a team in East Africa to assist the Tanzania Airport Authority enhance security at four of its airports. In 2003, Kevin was again invited by ICAO to undertake USAP training in Jordan, followed by a USAP assessment in Myanmar. He soon moved to ICAO’s Montreal Regional Office and was appointed to lead teams for USAP assignments in Syria, Libya, Turkey and Georgia. After work in the international benchmarking of airports in Hong Kong, Canada and the US, Kevin worked in the Gulf States and Yemen. In 2010 the GCAA asked him to undertake further projects in the UAE.

Safety training outside the box
Tom Kok, Director, AviAssist

Tom has over fifteen years of experience with project management & safety promotion in African aviation. An important part of that experience is related to transfer of knowledge through training.
He is director of the AviAssist Foundation. The AviAssist Foundation aims to inspire and promote professionalism in African aviation safety and is the regional affiliate of the renowned Flight Safety Foundation for Africa.
Having lived, worked and flown (PPL) in Africa for many years, Tom has gained unique expertise on African aviation safety issues. As a result, he is well versed in the technical as well complex political, social and cultural issues that play an important role in improving aviation safety in Africa.
He has facilitated numerous safety trainings & workshops in Africa on a wide variety of subjects, is a regular speaker at meetings and conferences in and on the continent & is founder of the Africa’s only magazine dedicated to safety, SafetyFocus.
Tom is an LL.M graduate of Leiden University in the Netherlands with a specialisation in air and space law and has studied African studies at the same university.

ISAGO Update
Berthe Lawson, Assistant Manager, Global Operational Audits, IATA

Berthe Lawson is Assistant Manager Global Operational Audits at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) based in Montreal Canada. She manages the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) Program to include activities to promote the program and work toward regulatory and airport bodies endorsement.


Anita Adjei-Nmashie
Manager Aerodrome Safety & Standards
Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

Anita has been working in the aviation industry for the past 25 years. Currently she is the Manager of Aerodrome Safety and Standards, a position to which she was assigned in 2004.
Her office is primarily responsible for programmes related to aerodrome safety and inspections and standards for the oversight of aerodrome design, construction, maintenance and operation, aerodrome certification, safe-guarding and safety management systems. Within this job, Anita is in charge of regulating and certifying aerodromes in Ghana as well as Obstruction Evaluation and Airport Airspace Analysis, which involves the protection of navigable airspace. Anita is also an AFI-CIS inspector for AFCAC and a resource person for BAGASOO on aerodrome issues.
From 1999 to 2004 she was the first female aviation safety inspector (aerodromes) for the safety regulation department; prior to that, she was the first female Licensed Air Traffic Controller in Ghana, a post that she took up in 1991.
Anita holds a post graduate diploma in Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management, a BA in public Administration from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration and a BSc in Aviation Management. She studied Air traffic Control in South Africa at the ATNS College and took the Ab-Initio Air Traffic Control course at the Ghana Aviation Training Academy. She also holds numerous certificates within her area of expertise.

Maarten Klijnstra
Manager Cargo Services
Nahco Aviance

Samuel Gaiya
Former General Counsel of Nigeria CAA

A Law graduate, Samuel served as a Senior State Counsel Ministry of Justice in Kaduna State, between 1980 and 1983. Thereafter he occupied a comprehensive series of legal positions, before becoming Regional Legal Manager at the First Bank of Nigeria in Kaduna, in 1986. He was then appointed Assistant General Manager of the Allied Bank, Lagos, between 1991 and 1998. Samuel co-ordinated the review of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Act 1964, which was promulgated into law in 2006, as well as co-ordinating the review of the 1969 AFCAC Constitution to the new AFCAC Constitution of 2009, which entered into force in 2010.
He was Chairperson of the AU/AFCAC Legal Committee (2005-2008) and was the first Vice-Chair of the ICAO Legal Committee during the same period. A member of various Nigerian Government/AFCAC/AU delegations, he has presented a range of papers and speeches on International Air Law around the world.
Inter alia, Samuel holds a Diploma in Civil Aviation Management from IATA and a Certificate in Aircraft Accident/Incident Investigation and Management from the Singapore Aviation Academy.
Most recently he co-ordinated the drafting of the Civil Aviation Portion of the A U Agenda 2063 and since 2000 he has served and participated on several Task Forces/Expert Groups of ICAO, the African Union and ACAC.

Hassim Pondor
Senior Consultant
IOS Partners

Hassim is currently engaged as a Senior Consultant for IOS Partners.
He is a seasoned aviation executive and consultant, having worked for over two decades at a senior level in the industry. Throughout his career he has had the opportunity of setting strategic direction, working across multiple industry stakeholders whilst engaging effectively with governments, regulators and pan-African institutions on a broad array of policy issues.
As Africa Head of Airports, Passenger, Cargo & Security for IATA, he led the delivery of the strategic objectives, with a focus on operational delivery systems and infrastructure development across the continent, and was a member of the Regional Leadership Team for Africa & the Middle East. He was also Area Manager East Africa and facilitated service delivery for the region. Hassim was also in charge of the consulting arm of Air Mauritius, consulting for African & Regional Air Transportation and has led major projects, including association restructuring, airline privatisation and the preparation of business plans.
He holds a Dip Ing in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University Berlin and an MBA in International Business. He is also fluent in English, French and German.