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The 3rd Americas Ground Handling International Conference will be hosted at the Hilton in Downtown Miami from June 27-29 2017

Over 200 delegates congregated in Miami for the 2nd Americas GHI Conference last year, hosted at the end of September. The three-day event comprised a packed schedule of conference sessions by industry experts, alongside engaging workshops, special interest streams and a bustling supplier exhibition.

Networking opportunities were at an all-time high at the event, with over 600 One-to-One meetings taking place, exceeding the previous year’s total by over 150 meetings. Between appointments, delegates attended informative sessions focused on the Americas region, including financial, economic and business overviews, as well as more global topics. Pertinent issues such as contract law, delivered with gusto by Aileen Camacho of Holman Fenwick Willan, ground damage and serious injuries and fatalities, presented by Martin Dean of DEKRA Insight, received airtime and incited dynamic debate. Delegates benefited from no fewer than five IT workshops, presenting on the latest high-tech solutions available to enhance their operations on the ground, as well as special interest streams, divulging all the need-to-know facts about the cost of GSE maintenance.

In addition to the lively networking party hosted on the first evening, complete with steel drums in the true spirit of the Caribbean, day two saw attendees board a luxury yacht for a delegate dinner cruise around Miami Harbour.

Next year, the conference will be hosted at the earlier date of June 27-29 and is relocating to its new venue, the Hilton in Downtown Miami. If you missed this year’s event, be sure to book your place for the 3rd Americas GHI conference.