2017 Workshops

1430 - 1455: Interactive Workshop 1 – Rsmart
Why invest in IT when you can SUBSCRIBE?

The Rsmart model for ground handlers and other airport based operations enables better risk management, eliminates up front capital expenditure and gives you a real-time, transparent view of your costs.
Our business model is based on a monthly charge for using our systems, allowing you absolute control and the ability to manage financial exposure to investment in IT, with a low one-off implementation charge and a contractual commitment term that works for you.

  • Rsmart is a modular system - only pay for what you use, leaving you in complete control
  • Rsmart integrates with your existing IT systems – we take care of the entire integration
  • Rsmart is tailored to your size, your operation and your local laws and working practices – every implementation is unique
  • Rsmart helps you cope with growth by automating manual processes, enabling better, more accurate budgeting and forecasting of labour and other costs
  • Rsmart prevents revenue leakage - did you know that our research suggests that 8% of ALL ancillary revenues are never invoiced at a typical GHA?

If any one of the above elements interests you, you should not miss this workshop. Please come and join us and we will demystify the benefits of a cloud-based, mobile-enabled (smart phone and tablet) model IT system that we know from experience will give you greater control and lower your costs through automating those operations that rely on manual intervention today.

1505 - 1530: Interactive Workshop 2 - BLISS-FOX by Panus GSE

1600 - 1625: Interactive Workshop 3 - INFORM
Advanced Turnaround Management

Having more than 25 years of experience in the aviation business, we speak the same language as our customers and understand their needs. Get an insight into our Turnaround Management solution, which offers a proactive and revenue-based decision support and therefore helps to reduce delays and the subsequent costs. Including a live GSE monitoring and tracking system, which analyses position and telematic information, the solution not only extends the range of ground activities to be monitored, but also improves data quality and eliminates the need for error-prone manual input.

1635 - 1700: Interactive Workshop 4 - SITA
Smart ground operations - from data exchange, to resource management

As the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology, we understand the challenges that ground handling operations can encounter. From smart data exchange solutions, to more complex, resource management and mobile workforce management solutions, SITA would like to give you a quick overview of how our IT solutions can enhance your operations, optimise turnaround time, and ensure correct and efficient data exchange between all the stakeholders.