Ground Operations Safety Compliance

Duration - 2 days

Rate - US$790 Early Bird - ASEAN resident US$740

Facilitator - Brenda Aremo-Anichini

Overview - Using practical scenarios, we will conduct practical hazard identification and risk mitigation based on each operational phase; arrival, turn around and departure. This will drive the development of a set of specific actions, aimed at aligning operations with the requirements of SMS and the company strategic objectives.

Objectives - Using case studies, participants will learn how to:
• Raise the awareness of the role & responsibility of the oversight functions during the turn around
• Promote a robust operational safety culture
• Maintain safety during turnaround operations
• Facilitate the achievement of consistent operations & service delivery

• Introduction, key terminology and definitions
• Role & responsibility of the oversight function(s)
• Hazards identification exercise(s)
• Risk projection in the operations ‘the red, amber, green principle’
• Linkages to SMS, QMS
• Short-term versus long-term interventions; when do you intervene to stop the operation
• Developing short & long-term action plans to establish or enhance the Safety Assurance program, required by ISAGO 3.3 SMS–Safety Assurance ORM-H 3.3.1, which becomes a standard in 2019.

Instructional aids - Presentations, group discussions & Q&A session.